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What is performance marketing

Advertisers and marketers are becoming more and more aware of verifiable consumer actions as part of their digital advertising. Historically, performance marketing defined advertising campaigns with the objective of driving specific actions, and advertisers only paid when that action was completed.

I think that the pay-for-performance business models will still remain, but in the future of marketing all digital marketing will be based on performance in one way or another.

What is a performance marketing campaign?

– When the intention is to drive an action, as opposed to driving awareness.
– When the cause and effect between the ad and the consumer/user can be measured.
– The ad-buyer can optimize their ads in real-time, or near real-time based on measurement.
– In many cases payment is made based on consumer/user action

The most important part of a performance marketing campaign is that the performance is being measured, optimized, and opportunities are being leveraged.